We believe that you should attend because you feel

the benefits and enjoy our school. As such, we

DO  NOT HAVE  CONTRACTS or long term commitments,

simply paying month to month.

Rates are very simple:  

Our current special is


After the month the membership prices are:

Children under 18 - $70 total monthly

2 Children in same family - $100 total monthly

3+ Children in same family - $125 total monthly

Adults 18 and older - $85 total monthly

Add 2nd Adult or child in same family - $125 total monthly

3+ Adults, or adults/children, same family - $150 monthly

Other charges: Sparring Gear Set if desired - $85 (Helmet, chest protector, arm pads, shin & instep pads)

Belt Test Approx Every 90 days - $25 (includes test, new belt and board that you break)  

If you compete in state or national tournaments they

will have individual entrance fees, which vary.